The PCAM is a convention known for (among other things) its contests. Every year magicians can enter in a wide range of  categories covering most of the magical arts. If you are interested in competing  in a contest there are 12 categories to choose from.

Category #1: Stage Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)

Category #2: Close-Up Magic – Juveniles (aged 13 and under)

Category #3: Stage Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)

Category #4: Close-Up Magic – Juniors (aged 14 to 18)  

Category #5: Mentalism

Category #6: Close-Up Magic  

Category #7: Most Novel or Innovative

Category #8: Platform Magic

Category #9: Stage Magic

Category #10: Comedy or Novelty Magic    

Category #11: Best Assistant

Category #12: Children’s Entertainment     

If you have any questions regarding the contests please email Contest Chairperson and Past President, Kevin Cardona, at

The rules of the PCAM General Contests are available online by clicking here.

If you would like to register for the upcoming competitions, please fill out this online form.

Contest Entry Deadline - August 1, 2018 – No walk in Contest Entries. When 
contest entry form is received you will be sent a PayPal Invoice for entry fees.

                             Grand Prix du Honneur

The most prestigious award at the annual PCAM Convention is The Grand Prix du Honneur which acknowledges exceptional achievement in magic.  The Grand Prix is not awarded every year, in fact – it has only been awarded five times in the history of the PCAM.  In order to receive this honour an act must receive over 95 points (out of 100) during their act in one of the General Contest Categories, as listed above.  Here are the recipients:

Year Grand Prix Winner
2012 - Michael Dardant & Kitty Kaos
2000 - Shawn Farquhar
1988 -  Roy Shank
1983 - Kevin James
1980 - Michi Hasegawa
1978 - Patrick Martin (Double Grand Prix for both Close-Up Magic and Stage Magic)